Celebration of Life

Words: Genesis 1:1, 27 & Isaiah 65:17-19

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 1. O worthy are You of glory and honor.
    O praise to Your name, Our God the Creator.
    You created the sun, You created the earth,
    You created the wonderful universe.

    Let's celebrate life, Let's sing to Him,
    Give honor and glory to God above,
    Let's celebrate life, let's sing to Him,
    Give honor and praise to our God of love.

 2. And with Your great hands, You made man and woman.
    And in Your great image You did create them.
    For You gave to them life, and You gave to them earth,
    And You gave them the wonderful universe.


 3. Behold God will make new earth and new heavens.
    and He will create a new heart in all men.
    So be glad and rejoice, for the world He'll create,
    For the peace and the joy, and the weeping no more.


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