Church of God, Awake!

Words: Charles H. Gabriel, 1856-1932

Music:   Wallace I. Coburn
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 1.  O Church of God, awake, awake;
     Seize fast thy sword and gird with might!
     The hosts of darkness mighty are,
     and bold and strong they press the fight;
     but see thy Captain leads thee on,
     He Who hath conquered ev'ry foe.
     Thou needst not fear, but follow fast
     and go with Him where He shall go.

     Awake, awake, O Church of God;
     Arouse in might, to battle go!
     See, see, the hosts of darkness stand,
     and gathers fast the haughty foe!
     Awake! awake for Christ thy Lord,
     Awake! gird on the shield and sword.
     Press hard the fight, no respite make;
     O Church of God, awake, awake!

 2.  The bars of death He tore apart;
     The stone, the guard, Ah what were they
     when He shall rise, the mighty Lord
     and usher in the triumph day?
     He, Who arose in might and pow'r 
     and lives a victor over all,
     Will lead thee on to victory
     if thou but hear his battle call.


 3.  Up then, resolve to valiant be,
     and force the fight till it is won;
     Stay not thy hand, and thou shalt win
     since Christ, they Capitan, leads thee on.
     What tho' the conflict long may be,
     and when thy weapons are laid down,
     thou shalt be wounded, weak and worn?
     Thy Lord in honor thee shalt crown.


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