Let There Be Light, Lord God of Hosts

Words: William Merrill Vories, 1908

Music:     "Pentecost", William Boyd, 1868
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 1  Let there be light, Lord God of hosts,
    Let there be wisdom on the earth;
    Let broad humanity have birth,
    Let there be deeds, instead of boasts.

 2  Within our passioned hearts instill
    The calm that endeth strain and strife;
    Make us thy ministers of life;
    Purge us from lusts that curse and kill.

 3  Give us the peace of vision clear
    To see our brothers' good our own,
    To joy and suffer not alone,
    The love that casteth out all fear.

 4  Let woe and waste of warfare cease,
    That useful labor yet may build
    Its homes with love and laughter filled;
    God give thy wayward children peace.   

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