Most Perfect Is the Law of God

Words: The Psalter, 1912, based on Psalm 19, second part

Music:    Moore's Psalm Singer's Companion, 1756
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 1  Most perfect is the law of God,
       Restoring those that stray.
    His testimony is most sure,
       proclaiming wisdom's way.

 2  The precepts of the Lord are right;
       with joy they fill the heart.
    The Lord's commandments all are pure,
       and clearest light impart.

 3  The fear of God is undefiled,
       and ever shall endure.
    The statutes of the Lord are truth
       and righteousness most pure.

 4  The words which from my mouth proceed,
       the thoughts within my heart,
    Accept, O Lord, for Thou my Rock 
       and my Redeemer art.

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