Praise God, All Ye Who Fear Him

Words: Psalm 22, The Psalter, 1912

Music:    "Tours," Berthold Tours, 1872
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  1.  Praise God, all ye who fear Him,
         ye saints, your voices raise;
      Come, stand in awe before Him,
         and sing His glorious praise.
      Ye lowly and afflicted
         who on His word rely,
      Your heart shall live forever,
         the Lord will satisfy.
  2.  All kindreds of the nations,
         to Christ the Lord shall turn,
      Through earth's remotest regions
         His altar fires shall burn.
      All kingdom, power and glory
         belong to Him alone;
      He ruleth o'er the nations,
         kings bow before His throne.
  3.  Both high and low shall worship,
         both strong and weak shall bend,
      A faithful Church shall serve Him
         till generations end.
      His praise shall be recounted
         to nations yet to be,
      The triumphs of His justice
         a new-born world shall see.

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