Rejoice, Rejoice Believers

Words: Laurentius Laurenti, 1700, translated by Sarah B. Findlater, 1854, alt.

Music:     "Llangloffan," Welsh melody; harmonized by D. Evans, 1865
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  1.  Rejoice, rejoice believers
         and let your lights appear;
      The evening is advancing, 
         and darker night is near;
      The Bridegroom is arising
         And soon He draweth nigh;
      Up, pray, and watch, and wrestle; 
         At midnight comes the cry.
  2.  See that your lamps are burning;
         replenish them with oil;
      And wait for your salvation,
         the end of tears and toil;
      The watchers on the mountain
         proclaim the Bridegroom near,
      Go meet Him as He cometh,
         with alleluias clear.
  3.  Our Hope and Expectation,
         O Jesus, now appear!
      Arise, Thou Sun so longed for,
         O'er this benighted sphere!
      With hearts and hands uplifted,
         we plead, O Lord, to see
      The day of earth's redemption,
         the year of Jubilee!

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