Who, O Lord, With Thee Abiding

Words: Psalm 15, The Psalter 1912

Music:    "Close to Thee," Silas J. Vail, 1874
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  1  Who, O Lord, with Thee abiding,
        in Thy house shall be Thy guest?
     Who, his feet to Zion turning,
        in Thy holy hill shall rest?
     He that ever walks uprightly,
        does the right without a fear,
     When he speaks, he speaks not lightly,
        but with truth and love sincere.

  2  He that slanders not his brother,
        does no evil to a friend;
     To reproaches of another
        he refuses to attend.
     Wicked men win not his favor,
        but the good who fear the Lord;
     From his vow he will not waver,
        though it bring him sad reward.

  3  Freely to the needy lending,
        no excess he asks again;
     And the innocent befriending,
        he desires not praise of men.
     Doing this, and evil spurning,
        he shall nevermore be moved;
     This the man with Thee sojourning,
        this the man by Thee approved.

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