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Blest Is the Man

Words: Psalm 32:1-6 Charles Wesley, c. 1743

Music: "Sweet Hour"  William Batchelder Bradbury, 1859

 1  Blest is the man, supremely blest,
    Whose wickedness is all forgiven,
    Who finds in Jesu's wounds his rest,
    And sees the smiling face of heaven. 
    Blest is the man, to whom his Lord
    No more imputes iniquity,
    Whose spirit is by grace restored,
    From all the guile of Satan free. 

 2  But while through pride I held my tongue,
    Nor owned my helpless unbelief,
    My bones were wasted all day long,
    My strength consumed with pining grief. 
    Resolved at last, to God, I cried,
    "My sins I will at large confess;
    My shame I will no longer hide,
    My depth of desperate wickedness. 

 3  "All will I own unto my Lord,
    Without reserve, or cloaking art:"
    I said; and felt the pardoning word,
    Thy mercy spoke it to my heart. 
    For this shall every child of God
    Thy power and faithful love declare,
    And claim the grace on all bestowed
    Who make to thee their timely prayer.

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