He Comes! He Comes

Words: Charles Wesley, c 1779 (v1,2 &5)
             Josiah Condor, c1840 (v 3 & 4), from "The Scottish Psalter and Hymnal" 1929

Music:       "Church Triumphant" James E. Elliott, 1874

 1.  He comes! He comes! the Judge severe,
     The seventh trumpet speaks him near;
     His lightnings flash, his thunders roll,
     How welcome to the faithful soul!

 2.  Descending on his awesome throne,
     He claims the kingdoms for his own;
     The nations all obey his word,
     And hail him their triumphant Lord.

 3.  The Lord is King! Who then shall dare
     Resist his will, distrust his care?
     Or murmur at his wise decrees?
     Or doubt his royal promises?

 4.  The Lord is King, lift up your voice,
     O earth and all ye heavens rejoice.
     Through earth and heaven one song shall ring,
     "The Lord omnipotent is King!"

 5.  Shout, all the people of the sky,
     And all the saints of the Most High!
     Our Lord, who now his right obtains,
     For ever and for ever reigns.

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