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Thou Art My Hiding-Place

Words: Psalm 32:7-11 Charles Wesley, c. 1743

Music: "Ernan"  Lowell Mason, 1850

 1  Thou art my hiding-place: in thee
    I rest secure from sin and guilt;
    Safe in the love that ransomed me,
    And sheltered in thy wounds, I dwell.     

 2  Still shall thy grace to me abound;
    The countless wonders of thy grace
    I still shall tell to all around,
    And sing my great Deliverer's praise.     

 3  "I will instruct thy child-like heart,"
    (My Teacher saith, for ever nigh)
    "Nor let thee from my paths depart,
    But guide thee with my gracious eye:     

 4  "Only my gracious look obey,
    And yield my perfect will to approve,
    Nor cast my easy yoke away,
    Nor stop thine ears against my love."     

 5  Ye faithful souls, rejoice in him
    Whose arms are still your sure defense;
    Your Lord is mighty to redeem:
    Believe, and who shall pluck you thence?

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