Updates for December, 1999

Added to the Hymnals section:
     Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
     Teach Me to Pray
     Who Can Find a Virtuous Woman?
Added to the Psalters section:
     Psalm 6,    1887 Psalter of the United Presbyterian Church
     Psalm 50,  1887 Psalter of the United Presbyterian Church
     Psalm 51,  1887 Psalter of the United Presbyterian Church
     Psalm 961887 Psalter of the United Presbyterian Church
In the Psalters section:
   Psalm 6Isaac Watts (2 versions)
   Psalm 7, Isaac Watts
   Psalm 9, Isaac Watts
   Psalm 10, Isaac Watts
In the Psalters section:
     Updated Psalm 100 (All People That On Earth Do Dwell) 
                  in the 1564/1635 Scottish Psalter
     Psalm 136, from Scottish Psalter of 1564/1634 
     Psalm 148, Scottish Psalter of 1564/1635
Created a new Dwight Armstrong page that will let you find any published Dwight Armstrong song. 
We are currently working to create a similar page for the entire contents of the Hymnals section and would very much like feedback on how well you like it (or do not like it)..
Added the Quick Search feature. You may now search the website from most main pages in the site, including: 
The Hymnal Indexes

The Psalters main page
The Library main page
And many other pages on the website. This search uses a different search engine than our old one. We will add a more advanced search page using this some time in the future.
Updated in the Hymnals Section
    Amazing Grace -- added the original words to the page
    When I See the Blood,  (updated the words)
Added to the Hymnals Section
     Behold How Good It Is, by Mark Graham


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