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Site Changes, February, 1999

What's New?

Added to the Hymnals section:
     O Come, My People, to My Law,  (from Psalm 78)
     Fools Have Said That There Is No God, Dwight Armstrong
     Let Thy Chastening Be In Measure, Dwight Armstrong
     The Church's One Foundation
Added to the Psalms section:
     Psalm 21, Sternhold and Hopkins
     Psalm 25, Sternhold and Hopkins
     Psalm 26, Sternhold and Hopkins

     Psalm 52, Scottish 1650
     Psalm 53, Scottish 1650
Added to the Hymnals section:
     Let This Mind Be In You,   Ross Jutsum
     Let Us Keep the Feast,  Ross Jutsum   (a song for the Feast of Unleavened Bread)
Added to the Psalms section:
     Psalm 14, Sternhold and Hopkins
     Psalm 15, Sternhold and Hopkins
     Psalm 16, Sternhold and Hopkins

     Psalm 124, Scottish 1564/1635

     Psalm 67, Scottish 1650
     Psalm 68, Scottish 1650
     Psalm 69, Scottish 1650
     Psalm 70, Scottish 1650
Added to the Psalms section
     Psalm 9, Scottish 1564/1635
     Psalm 80, Scottish 1564/1635
Added to the Hymnals section
     At Even, When the Sun Was Set
     Come to the Feast
     Praise Ye the Lord, O Dwight Armstrong
     Wait and Hope and Look for God, Dwight Armstrong
Added to the Library:
    Index of Isaac Watts' Psalms on this website.
Added to the Psalms section:
     Psalm 5, Sternhold and Hopkins
     Psalm 6, Sternhold and Hopkins
     Psalm 7, Sternhold and Hopkins
     Psalm 9, Sternhold and Hopkins
     Psalm 10, Sternhold and Hopkins
     Psalm 57, Scottish 1650

     Psalm 112, Isaac Watts
     Psalm 113, Isaac Watts
     Psalm 114, Isaac Watts
Added to the Psalms section
     Psalm 1,    Scottish 1564/1635
     Psalm 19, Scottish 1564/1635
     Psalm 11, Brady and Tate
     Psalm 12, Brady and Tate
     Psalm 13, Brady and Tate
     Psalm 17, Brady and Tate
     Psalm 18, Brady and Tate
Added to the Hymnals section
     Break Thou the Bread of Life
     Come, Come Ye Saints
     My God, My God, Dwight Armstrong
Added to the Hymnals Section:
     Thee Will I Love, O Lord, Dwight Armstrong
     Wait Upon the Lord, Dwight Armstrong
Corrected a spelling
     We have had a case of terminal brain malfunction over the spelling of one of the oldest Psalm tunes -- we have received not one, not two, but three corrections on how to spell this tune name correctly.  We plead that our first spelling (DUMFERLINE) was done in good faith. We faithfully spelled the name the way we found it in the only source of the tune we posessed at that time. (an 1845 American tune book) Later a kind soul in the UK corrected us, and actually sent us the right spelling, but we read it wrong and corrected our spelling to DUMFERMLINE. This turned out to be a DUM mistake. Thank you to the precentor at a church in Lochcarron, Scotland (in the beautifully named, and even more beautiful scenic region of westerROSS, Scotland) for sending us a further kindly worded correction. We hope that we have it right this time. Check our Common Metre tunes to see if we got it right.  (And just to make things interesting, the 1635 Scottish Psalter has yet another spelling.)
Added a link:
     Ambassador Party Line - a source for finding old friends from Ambassador.
Added to the Hymnals Section:
     Lord, I Will Praise Thee, Dwight Armstrong
     Thine is the Glory
     To The Work
Added to the Psalms section
     Psalm 2, Brady and Tate
     Psalm 3, Brady and Tate
     Psalm 4, Brady and Tate
     Psalm 7, Brady and Tate
     Psalm 9, Brady and Tate
     Psalm 10, Brady and Tate
     Psalm 13, Sternhold and Hopkins
     Psalm 18, Sternhold and Hopkins
     Psalm 22, Sternhold and Hopkins
     Psalm 39, Scottish 1650
     Psalm 41, Scottish 1650

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