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Site Changes, June, 1998
What's New?

Feedback via e-mail is now available. Send e-mail to:
Thank You to Paul and Thelma Dwiggins of UCG-Indianapolis
and to Paul Drawbaugh, webmaster of Interact
for loaning us copies of the old RCOG gray hymnal.
Thank you to Roger and Lyna Jane Bryant for the loan of a copy of the Ron Dart/CGI hymnal.
Began adding the CGI and RCOG hymnal indexes to the Hymnals section.
Added Psalms
        Psalm 20, Scottish Psalter
        Psalm 20, New Version
        Psalm 21, Scottish Psalter
        Psalm 21, New Version
        Psalm 22, Scottish Psalter
        Psalm 43, New Version
        Psalm 63, Old Version

 Added some songs to the Hymnals section
       A Child of the King
       Abide With Me
       America the Beautiful
       Behold the Day Will Come
       How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings
       Unless the Lord Shall Build the House
  Added Psalms
       Psalm 17, Old Version
       Psalm 17, Scottish Psalter
       Psalm 18, Scottish Psalter
       Psalm 20, Old Version
Some updates to the Hymnals section:
       O Perfect Love
       The Solid Rock
       It Won't Be Long Now   (Ross Jutsum)
       Remember Your Creator   (Ross Jutsum)
       The Mighty Prince of Peace  (Ross Jutsum)(a good one to learn as Trumpets approaches)
   Thanks to John Paul Howell we will soon be adding the Blue Cover (1993?) CGI hymnal to our hymnals section indexes, along with some additional MIDI files that he has created for those songs. John Paul has sent us a complete listing of the index and over 100 MIDI files to go with the songs. John Paul attends with an independent congregation in the Baltimore, Maryland area.
     We have also received a kind offer of a loan of the old RCOG hymnal and we will add that one to the hymnals section as soon as possible.
     Please pray that the intense work pressure we have had the last two weeks will let up soon so that we can resume more frequent updates to this site. It is our hope to update at least twice a week.

(Note: if you prefer a single large index, we will try to keep this one up to date.
Added some hymns to the Hymnals section:
    Eternal Father, Strong to Save
    Let All Things Now Living
    Rejoice, The Lord is King
    To God Be the Glory
Added Psalms:
    Psalm 16, New Version
    Psalm 19, The Book of Psalms for Singing
    Psalm 34, New Version
Began reworking the Hymnals section to prepare for additional songs. (Improved MIDI file embedding for Netscape users, music for several Dwight Armstron songs. Re-work is about 1/4 complete.)

Added psalms:
    Psalm 10, Scottish
    Psalm 11, Old Version
    Psalm 12, Old Version
    Psalm 14, New Version
    Psalm 15, New Version
    Psalm 119 (aleph), New Version
Added a link to the Active Bible Church of God, an independent group in the Chicago area. Their library of articles is excellent.
Added a link to Barnabas Ministeries "Bible Study Web Site" to the Links page.
Three songs by Ross Jutsum.
By This Will All Men Know
      (Note: check out these next two songs.
        They are a couple that we don't recall singing before
        and that has been our loss. )
God Shall Wipe Away Every Tear
Think on These Things
Psalm 81, Old Version
Psalm 81, John Milton
Psalm 81, Scottish Psalter
Psalm 81, New Version
Psalm 81, Isaac Watts

May, 1998
What's New?

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