Psalm 118 (parts)

Words: The Presbyterian Psalter of 1887 alt.

Here are three tunes for this version. The first two anticipate the triumph to come. The third is more appropriate to the events of the Crucifixion. 

"Fountain" a 19th century American folk tune
"Gerard," Arranged by Arthur S. Sullivan, 1871
"Lamb of God," anonymous, from "The Psalter Hymnal" 1927
   1  The right hand of the mighty Lord
         Exalted is on high;
      The right hand of the mighty Lord
         Doth ever valiantly.
      I shall not die, but live, and shall
         The works of God declare.
      The Lord shall sorely chasten me,
         But yet my life will spare.
   2  O set ye open unto me
         The gates of righteousness;
      Then will I enter into them,
         And I the Lord will bless.
      This is the gate of God, by it
         The just shall enter in.
      I will thee praise, for thou me heard'st,
         And hast my safety been.
   3  The stone rejected and despised
         Is now the corner-stone;
      How wondrous are the ways of God,
         Unfathomed and unknown,
      O blest be he who comes to save
         In God's most holy name;
      The blessing from the house of God
         Upon you we proclaim.
   4  The Lord is God; he unto us
         Hath made the light arise;
      O bind ye to the altar's horns,
         With cords, the sacrifice.
      Thou art my God, I will thee praise;
         My God, I'll thee extol
      Praise God, for he is good; his grace
         Endures through ages all.

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