Psalm 118 

(Parts only. We have taken only a few verses from the whole Psalm to make a song that is about the length we normally sing. However, if you would like to sing all of this version of the Psalm, it is available here:  Psalm 118

Words: John Craig,  from  The Scottish Psalter of 1635

Old 118th, (also titled "Rendez A Dieu")   Louis Bourgeois, 1543 or 1544. Harmony from the 1635 Psalter. This tune has been associated with Psalm 118 since its first appearance in 1543.
   1  Give to the Lord all praise and honor,
         for he is gracious and kind.
      Yea, more his mercy and great favor,
         Doth firm abide world without end.
  16  The hand most strong of the almighty
         Exalted is now presently
      Of GOD the LORD the right hand sturdy
         Hath done (say they) triumphantly.
  17  Away, away enviers each one,
         For yet death's cup I shall not prove;
      But shall still live, that I may expose,
         And show abroad GOD's works above.
  18  The LORD my GOD hath me chastisèd
         And that right sore, I must confess;
      But of his goodness not delivered
         Me unto death in that distress. 
  22  The stone which wholly was refusèd,
         And of the builders cast away:
      The same layèd is now, and placèd
         As of the corner head and stay.
  27  The LORD our GOD he is most mighty,
         And hath us given light at last:
      Unto the horns of th'Altar holy
         Your sacrifice now bind full fast.
  28  Thou art the GOD in whom I glory,
         To thee will I give praise therefore:
      Even thou my GOD art, therefore will I
         Laud and exalt thee evermore.
  29  Give to the LORD all praise and honor
         For gracious is he and kind:
      yes, more his mercy and great favor
         Doth ay endure world without end.

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