Special Music for Sabbath, January 23, 1999

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Mark Graham has written many fine songs for our hymnals that have greatly enhanced our own times to sing praise to God. What many do not know is that he also writes songs that are more for the skilled performer, and that he is a very good performer himself.

Here are two of Mark's "Special Music" songs. These are from the album "A Garden of Song"  All words and music are by Mark Graham. written and sung by Mark Graham.  Accompaniment by Rick Skinner, bass, Chris Carothers, drums, Mark Huff, percussion and Cindy Strieter, 2nd vocal.

The album was recorded in 1985 and is now out of print. It is used here by permission.

I Want to Be There,

Joshua's Song - Passover season will be here before we know it.

We definitely plan to bring more of these in the future.

Words and music copyright 1985 by Mark Graham
Used by permission

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