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Site Changes, May, 1998
What's New?

Psalm 146, New Version
Psalm 147, Old Version
Two songs adapted from Isaac Watts. These songs will be used in Sabbath services at United Church of God, Dallas South on the Sabbath before Pentecost.
Behold What Wonderous Love, a song with words adapted from an Isaac Watts paraphrase of 1 Jn 3:1-3 and Gal 4:6. One of the important aspects of Pentecost is our adoption as the firstfruits of God's family.
How Filled With Honor is the Place, a song based on Isaac Watts paraphrase of Isa 26:1-6. Zion in this song is figuratative for the church, which was established at Pentecost when the first disciples were added following Peter's sermon.
Note: We will be out of town during the next week. The next anticipated update of this site will be on June 6 or 7.

Added short historical sketch of The Scottish Psalter of 1650
Added some additional Psalms
    Psalm 23, Scottish
    Psalm 148, Old Version
    Psalm 149, Old Version
    Psalm 149, New Version
    Psalm 150, Old Version
Added some new tunes
    10's     Confidence, Lyons, O Quanta Qualia
     6's     Haddam

Added information about Roger Bryant's album
Added some additional Psalms:
    Psalm 2, John Milton
    Psalm 8, John Milton
    Psalm 23, Old Version
    Psalm 29, Old Version
    Psalm 29, New Version
    Psalm 42, New Version
    Psalm 60, New Version (this one seems especially appropriate right now)
    Psalm 80, John Milton
    Psalm 114, John Milton
    Psalm 136, John Milton
Added some additional scriptures in metre (other than Psalms)
    Isaiah 26:1-6, Isaac Watts
    1 John 3:1-3, Gal 4:6, Our Adoption, Isaac Watts
Established this web site.

What's New?

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