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Site Changes, October-November, 1998

What's New?

Added to the Hymnals section:
     Glory to Thy Name
     Go and Teach All Nations, Ross Jutsum
     Wisdom Begins With the Fear of the Lord, Dwight Armstrong
Added to the Psalms section:
     Psalm 55, Sternhold and Hopkins
     Psalm 56, Sternhold and Hopkins
     Psalm 57, Sternhold and Hopkins
     Psalm 62, Scottish
     Psalm 63, Scottish
Added to the Hymnals section:
     Make Me a Blessing
     Moment by Moment
     My Hope Is in His Word, (Psalm 130)
     O Brother Man
Added to the Psalms section:
     Psalm 53, Sternhold and Hopkins
     Psalm 54, Sternhold and Hopkins
     Psalm 55, Scottish
     Psalm 56, Scottish
     Psalm 61, Brady and Tate
     Psalm 73, Isaac Watts
     Psalm 76, Isaac Watts
Added a photo of Dwight Armstrong
Added to the Hymnals section:
     Who Shall Dwell on Thy Holy Hill?, Dwight Armstrong
     The Servant's Prayer, Dwight Armstrong
Added to the Psalms section:
     Psalm 12, The Psalter, 1912
Added several new tunes in CM and  LM..
Corrected tune on "God is Calling Childrer" by Mark Graham.
Added to the Hymnals section:
     How Good It Is To Thank the Lord, Dwight Armstrong.
     How I Love Thy Law, O Lord
Added to the Psalms section:
     Psalm 51, Sternhold and Hopkins
     Psalm 52, Sternhold and Hopkins
New in the Library
     Separate indexes for three of the Psalters:
         Sternhold and Hopkins
         The Scottish Psalter
         Brady and Tate
Added to the Psalms section:
     Psalm 49, Sternhold and Hopkins
     Psalm 50, Sternhold and Hopkins
New or updated in the Hymnals section
     As for Me And My House (by Sharon Treybig)
     All People that On Earth Do Dwell - Added some alternate tunes.
          We are also trying a slightly different format for a song page here. Please
           let us know how you like (or dislike) it.
     From the Highest Heaven (Mark Graham, unpublished)
     God is Calling Children (Mark Graham)
     How Long Wilt Thou Forget Me, Lord?  (Dwight Armstrong)
     Rejoice and Be Glad (Ross Jutsum)
     Revive Us Again (MIDI sequencing by John Paul Howell)
     Righteous Judge (Dwight Armstrong)
     Thou Shepherd That Dost Israel Keep (Dwight Armstrong, words, John Milton
Added to the Psalms section:
     Psalm 42, Sternhold and Hopkins
     Psalm 43, Sternhold and Hopkins
     Psalm 44, Sternhold and Hopkins
     Psalm 45, Sternhold and Hopkins
     Psalm 46, Sternhold and Hopkins
     Psalm 47, Sternhold and Hopkins
     Psalm 48, Sternhold and Hopkins
     Psalm 49, Scottish
     Psalm 50, Scottish
     Psalm 51, Scottish

Added to the Hymnals section
     O God We Have Heard
Added to the Psalms section:
     Psalm 42, Scottish
     Psalm 43, Scottish
     Psalm 44, Scottish
     Psalm 44, Psalter Hymnal
     Psalm 45, Scottish (2 versions)
     Psalm 45, Charles Wesley
     Psalm 46, Scottish
     Psalm 46, Isaac Watts
     Psalm 47, Scottish

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What's New?

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