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Remember the Sabbath

Words: Fanny Crosby

Music:     Ira D. Sankey

   1. We thank Thee, O Lord, for a Sabbath of rest;
      A day of all others the brightest and best;
      A day that observed and respected should be,
      Twas made for Thy worship, 'tis sacred to Thee.
      Remember the Sabbath, throughout our broad land;
      Remember the Sabbath, 'tis God's own command:
      Transmitted from Sinai, in language divine;
      "Six days shalt thou labor, the Sabbath is mine."
   2. Our fathers rejoiced in Thy Sabbath, O Lord;
      They walked in Thy counsels, believed in Thy word;
      They clung to the Bible, their staff and their guide,
      And trusting Thy promise, in triumph they died.
   3. We thank Thee, O Lord, for a Sabbath of rest;
      A day that so richly Thy presence hath blessed;
      A day when our vigor and strength we renew,
      While onward and upward, our path we pursue.
   4. And when the last Sabbath shall fade from our sight;
      Prepare us to enter the mansions of light;
      And there, with the just and the faithful to spend
      A Sabbath in glory, that never shall end.

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