Against Divisions in the Church

Words: Based on Isaac Watts,
"Divine and Moral Songs for Children", Against Quarrelling and Fighting

Music:     Gerald, Louis Spohr, 1834
Alternate:  "Give Ear Unto My Words, O God",Dwight Armstrong
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 1  Let dogs delight to bark and bite,
       For God hath made them so:
    Let bears and lions growl and fight,
       For 'tis their nature, too.  
    But, leaders, you should never let
       Such angry passions rise:
    Your noble hands were never made
       To tear each other's eyes.
 2  The devil tempts one mother's son
       To rage against another:
    So wicked Cain was hurried on,
       till he had killed his brother.
    The wise will let their anger cool,
       At least before 'tis night;
    But in the bosom of a fool
       It burns till morning light.
 3  Let love through all your actions run,
       And all your words be mild:
    Live like the blessed Virgin's Son,
       That sweet and lovely child.   
    His soul was gentle as a lamb;
       And as his stature grew,
    He grew in favor both with man,
       And God his Father too.
 4  Now, Lord of all, he reigns above;
       And from his heavenly throne
    He sees which leaders dwell in love,
       And marks them for his own.
    Pardon, O Lord, their childish rage,
       Their little brawls remove,
    That, as they grow to riper age,
       Their hearts may all be love!

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