How Filled With Honor Is The Place

Words: Isa 26:1-6 Isaac Watts, "Hymns and Spiritual Songs"
Modified by Jim Ross   --  A song for Pentecost

     "Materna"  (America the Beautiful)
    Alternate: "For Even From My Youth, O God"   (Dwight Armstrong)


 1.  How filled with honor is the place
        Where we adoring stand!
     Zion, the glory of the earth,
        And beauty of the land!
     Bulwarks of mighty grace defend
        The city where we dwell;
     The walls, of strong salvation made,
        Defy the gates of hell.
 2.  Lift up the message that He gave
        The kingdom gospel bring
     Enter, you people who obey
        The statutes of our King.
     Here shall you taste God's perfect joy,
        And live in holy peace,
     You who have known Jehovah's name,
        And ventured on his grace.
 3.  Trust in the Lord, for ever trust,
        And banish all your fears;
     Strength in the Lord our God does dwell,
        Eternal as his years.
     On Babylon our feet shall tread
        In that rejoicing hour;
     The ruins of her walls shall spread
        A pavement for the poor.

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