See How These Christians Love

Words: Based on words by Charles Wesley, alt. Jim Ross

     "Kingsfold" Traditional English melody; arranged by Ralph Vaughan Williams, 1906
     "Vox Deliciti" (Beautiful Voice)
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 1  LORD, who hast taught to us on earth
       This lesson from above,
    That all our works are nothing worth,
       Unless they spring from love;
    Send down thy Spirit from on high,
       And pour in all our hearts
    That precious gift of charity,
       Which peace and joy imparts:
 2  The healing balm, the holy oil
       Which calms the waves of strife,
    The drop which sweetens every toil,
       The breath of our new life.
    Without this blessed bond of peace
       God counts the living dead:
    O heavenly Father, grant us this,
       Through Christ, the living Head.
 3  Let all who love the Lord join hands
       To aid the common good,
    And knit more close the sacred bands
       Of Christian brotherhood.
    Make all thy people one, O Lord,
       In heart, in mind, in speech,
    That they may set forth thy pure word,
       And live the life they preach.
 4  Let all hold fast the truths whereby
       A church must stand or fall;
    In doubtful things grant liberty,
       Show charity in all.
    Thus shall we to our sacred name
       Our title clearly prove,
    While even our enemies exclaim,
       "See how these Christians love."

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