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My Country Tis of Thee

Words: Samuel Francis Smith, c1832
Smith was an American minister and writer. According to Julian's Dictionary of Hymnology,
he was one of the main editors of The Psalmist--"the most creditable and influential of the American Baptist collections"

Music:   Thesarus Musicus, attributed to Henry Cary, 1740.
The tune was first popular in England as "God Save the King (Queen)" and is now the English
national anthem.  It is known in this country as "America"
  1.  My country tis of thee,
      Sweet land of liberty,
         Of thee I sing.
      Land where my fathers died!
      Land of the Pilgrim's pride!
      From every mountain side,
         Let freedom ring!

  2.  My native country, thee,
      Land of the noble free,
         Thy name I love.
      I love thy rocks and rills,
      Thy woods and templed hills;
      My heart with rapture fills
         Like that above.

  3.  Let music swell the breeze,
      And ring from all the trees
         Sweet freedom's song.
      Let mortal tongues awake;
      Let all that breathe partake;
      Let rocks their silence break,
         The sound prolong.

  4.  Our father's God to, Thee,
      Author of liberty,
         To Thee we sing.
      Long may our land be bright
      With freedom's holy light;
      Protect us by Thy might,
         Great God, our King!

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