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Site Changes, September, 1998

What's New?

A Selection of Songs for Attonement
Added to the Psalms section:
     Psalm 35, Isaac Watts
     Psalm 36, Isaac Watts
     Psalm 137, Scottish
     Psalm 138, Scottish
     Psalm 139, Scottish
Added to the Hymnals section
     No Night There
     Sing Praise to God
     Sing Songs of Praise to Him (Dwight Armstrong, based on parts of Psalm 81)
     Softly Now the Light of Day
Added to the Psalms section:
     Psalm 135, Scottish
     Psalm 136, Scottish
Here is A Song Service for the Feast of Trumpets
Added to the Hymnals section:
     God of our Fathers, Whose Almighty Hand
     God Speaks to Us
     Now the Day is Over
     One Day
     Praise the Eternal With a Psalm (Dwight Armstrong, from Psalm 81)
     The Lord Eternal Reigns (Dwight Armstrong, based on Psalm 97)
Added to the Hymnals Section
     Alas and Did My Savior Bleed? (Isaac Watts)
     All Things Are Thine, No Gift Have We
     Blessed Is the Nation God Is For (Dwight Armstrong, from Psalm 33)
     From All Who Dwell Below the Skies (Isaac Watts)
     Give Judgement to the King, O God (Dwight Armstrong, from Psalm 72:1-11)
     Give of Your Best To the Master
     Go to Dark Gesthemane
Added to the Psalms section
     Psalm 33, Scottish
     Psalm 33, Isaac Watts
     Psalm 34, Isaac Watts
     Psalm 72, Scottish
     Psalm 72, Isaac Watts
     Psalm 72, James Montgomery
The hectic pace at the office continues, but at least we have a long weekend.
The Hymnals index is now split into four pages (instead of the previous three) to speed up load time.
A Bit of Fun   Some different words for a tune known by many.
Added to the Psalms section
     Psalm 61, The Psalter Hymnal
     Psalm 81, The Psalter Hymnal
     Psalm 89, Scottish
     Psalm 90, Scottish
     Psalm 91, Scottish
     Psalm 91, James Montgomery
     Psalm 93, Scottish
     Psalm 94, Scottish
     Psalm 96, Scottish
     Psalm 97, Scottish
     Psalm 99, Scottish
     Psalm 103, Brady and Tate
     Psalm 104, Brady and Tate
     Psalm 105, Brady and Tate
     Psalm 106, Brady and Tate
     Psalm 107, Brady and Tate

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What's New?

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