Words and MIDI music for psalm singing, including Metrical Psalters and other scriptures in metre, with psalm and hymn tunes for singing them Sternhold and Hopkins, Brady and Tate, Isaac Watts, Bay Psalm Book, Christian praise and worship music for the church


This area was formerly labeled "The Workshop." We decided to rename it to better indicate its focus, which is still to provide words and music to allow you to sing all 150 Psalms

The centerpiece of The Workshop is our metrical Psalters:
The Entire Book of Psalms, in several metrical versions.

(with tunes to sing them)
(requires frames and is best with at least 800x600 resolution)

We have the following metrical Psalters on this site. At present we have the complete contents of three of them. It is our intent to provide the complete contents of all of these Psalters, plus others as we have time.

Date Popular Name Author
COMPLETE 1562 The "Old Version" Sternhold and Hopkins (and others)
  1564/1635 The Scottish Psalter of 1564/1635 Words of the 1564 Scottish Psalter, music of 1635
  1640 The Bay Psalm Book New England Puritans
COMPLETE 1650 The Scottish Psalter Scottish Reformed Church
COMPLETE 1696 The "New Version" Brady and Tate
  1719 Psalms "Imitated in the Language of the New Testament" Isaac Watts
  1887 Psalter of the United Presbyterian Church Various
NEW 6/21/2000 1999 Psalter for Christian Worship Michael Morgan


Over the years many poets, ministers and simple lay-members have set Psalms or other scriptures into rhyme and metre so that they could be sung in English. Many hymns have been created using these words.
    This area contains some of those paraphrases of scripture, as well as MIDI files of music that can be used with the words. By combining these words with the music available here you can literally create your own scriptural based hymns, and it is much easier than you might imagine.
    Now you do not need to be limited by the songs you happen to find in your hymnal. Using the resources here it is possible to "assemble" your own versions of the Psalms and other scriptures for singing. Here are two songs for Pentecost that we put together from resources in the Workshop.

How to use the Workshop

The Workshop is designed to help you find words of a Psalm or other scripture that you would like to use for a hymn and then to find music that can be used with those words.

The system is simple: every set of words is marked with the "metre" of the words and also contains a link to a selection of music written in the same metre. You can play MIDI files of each of the possible tunes to see which one fits the words the best.

For a more complete explanation, read:  What is Metre

Metrical Psalms are intended to be sung.
Here is a selection of  Public domain music that can be used with many different sets of words

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