Psalm 23

Words: The Bay Psalm Book

Common Metre Tunes   

1 The Lord to me a shepherd is,
     Want therefore I shall not,
  He in the folds of tender grass
     Doth make me down to lie    
  To waters calm he gently leads
     Restore my soul doth he
  He doth in paths of righteousness
     For his names sake lead me.    
  Yea though in valley of deathís shade
     I walk none ill Iíll fear,
  Because thou art with me, thy rod,
     and staff my comfort are.    
  For me a table thou hast spread
     In presence of my foes;
  Thou dost annoint my head with oil
     My cup it over-flows.    
  Goodness and mercy surely shall
     All my days follow me;
  And in the Lordís house I shall dwell
     So long as days shall be.    

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