Psalm 47

Words: The Bay Psalm Book


  1  Clap hands all people, shout for joy,
     to God with voice of singing mirth:
  2  For high Jehovah fearful is,
     a great King over all the earth.

  3  People to us he doth subdue,
     and nations under our feet lay.
  4  For us our heritage he chose,
     his dear Jacobs glory. Selah.

  5  God is ascended with a shout:
     Jehovah with the trumpets noise.
  6  Sing Psalms to God, sing Psalms, sing Psalms
     unto our King with singing voice.

  7  For God is King of all the earth,
     sing ye Psalms of instruction:
  8  Over the heathen God will reign
     God sits his holy throne upon.

  9  To the people of Abrahams God
     Princes of peoples gather-ed be,
     for fields of th'earth to God belong:
     he is exalted mightily.

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