Psalm 98

Words: The Bay Psalm Book

(Note: original spelling retained.)

Common Metre Tunes   

 1  A new song sing unto the Lord,
       for wonders he hath done:
    his right hand & his holy arme
       him victory hath wonne.

 2  Jehovah his salvation
       hath made for to be knowne;
    his righteousnes i'th heathens sight
       hee openly hath showne.

 3  To Isr'ells house of his mercy
       & truth hath mindefull been:
    the ends of all the earth they have
       our Gods salvation seene.

 4  Unto Jehovah all the earth,
       make yee a joyfull noyse;
    Make yee also a cheerfull sound,
       sing prayse, likewise rejoyce.

 5  With Harp sing to the Lord; with Harp,
       also with a Psalms voyce.
 6  With Trumpets, Cornets sound; before
       the Lord the King rejoyce.

 7  The sea let with her fullness roare;
       the world, & there who dwell.
 8  O let the flouds clap hands: let hills
       rejoice together well

 9  Before the Lord, for he doth come
       to judge the earth: rightly
    with justice shall he judge the world,
       & folk with equity.

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