Psalm 78 (part one only)

Words: The Bay Psalm Book

Common Metre Tunes

Maskil of Asaph

 1  Give listening ear unto my law,
       ye people that are mine,
    Unto the sayings of my mouth
       do ye your ear incline.

 2  My mouth I'll ope' in parables
       I'll speak hid things of old;
 3  Which we have heard and known and which
       our fathers have us told.

 4  Them from their children we'll not hide,
       to th'after age showing
    the Lord's praises; His strength, and works
       of his wondrous doing.

 5  In Jacob he a witness set
       and put in Israel
    a law, which he our fathers charged,
       they should their children tell.

 6  That th'age to come and children which
       are to be borne might know;
    that they might rise up and the fame
       unto their children show.

 7  That they upon the mighty God
       their confidence might set:
    and God's works and his commandment
       might keep and not forget,

 8  And might not like their fathers be,
       a stiff, stout race: a race
    that set not right their hearts: nor firm
       with God their spirit was.

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