Psalm 8

Words: The Bay Psalm Book 

(Original spelling preserved)

Common Metre Tunes

 1  O Lord our God in all the earth
       how's thy name wonderous great.
    who has thy goorius majesty
       above the heavens set.

 2  Out of the mouths of sucking babes,
       thy strength thou didst ordain,
    That thou mightst still the enemy
       and them that thee disdain.

 3  When I thy fingers work, thy Heav'ns,
       the moone and starres consider
 4  Which thou hast set. What's wretched man
       that thou dost him remember?

    Or what's the Son of man, that thus
       him visited thou hast?
 5  For next to Angells, thou hast him
       a little lower plac't

    And on thy works hast given him,
       lordly authority,
    And hast with glory crowned him,
       and comley majesty.

 6  All hast thou put under his feet;
       all sheep and oxen yea
 7  And beasts of field. Foules of the ayre,
       and fishes of the sea.

    And all that passe through paths of seas.
 9     O Jehova our Lord,
    How wonderously magnificient
       Is thy name through all the world? 

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