Psalm 82

Words: The Bay Psalm Book

Common Metre Tunes

A Psalm of Asaph
   1  The mighty God doth stand within
         th'assembly of the strong;
      and he it is that righteously
         doth judge the gods among.

   2  How long a time is it that ye
         will judge unrighteously?
      And will accept the countenance
         of those that wicked be?

   3  See that ye do defend the poor
         also the fatherless;
      unto the needy justice do
         and that are in distress.

   4  The wasted poor, and those that are
         needy deliver ye;
      and them redeem out of the hand
         of such as wicked be.

   5  They know not, nor will understand,
         in darkness they walk on:
      all the foundations of the earth
         quite out of course are gone.

   6  I said that ye are gods and sons
         of th'highest ye are all.
   7  But ye shall die like men, and like
         one of the princes fall.

   8  That thou mayst judge the earth, O God,
         do thou thy self advance;
      for thou shalt have the nations
         for thine inheritance.

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