Psalm 148

Words: The Psalter for Christian Worship, Michael Morgan

Music: 87 Unable to initialize a MIDI player for your browser     "Lauda Anima" John Goss, 1869
A Psalm of Praise
      Praise God in the highest heaven,
         Sun and moon and stars in space;
      Sing, ye angels, of God's goodness;
         Tell, ye ordered skies, God's grace.
      Alleluia, alleluia!
         Who but God your course can trace?
      All the earth will shout God's praises,
         Mountain peaks and ocean floor;
      Wind and fire and beast and forest,
         Hill and desert, vale and shore.
      Alleluia, alleluia!
         Honor God whom you adore.
      Rise, 0 child of God, in wonder
         At creation's majesty;
      Young and old, God's glory claiming,
         Praise the LORD in unity.
      Alleluia, alleluia!
         Now and for eternity.

Words 1999, Michael Morgan
Used by permission

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