Psalm 42

Words: The Psalter for Christian Worship, Michael Morgan

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Clement Cotterill Scholefield, 1874
A Prayer for Deliverance
      Cool streams a breathless deer desires.
        So longs my soul, O God, for Thee;
      I thirst to see Thy face, O God,
        My heart, Thy habitation be.
      "Where is your God?" they ask of me,
        When tears have been my only food;
      How long, O Lord, till doubts dispel
        My tattered mem'ries of Thy good?
      Deep calls to deep, and oceans roar,
        Their thunder my destruction brings;
      Yet steadfast love my hope sustains,
        My tongue divine assurance sings.
      Why grieves my soul and stirs my heart
        When shallow threats of death assail?
      My hope, my rock, my sure defense
        Remains the God of Israel.

Words 1999, Michael Morgan
Used by permission

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