Psalm 43

Words: The Psalter for Christian Worship, Michael Morgan

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Traditional English melody; arranged by Ralph Vaughan Williams, 1906
A Prayer for Gods Presence
      Pronounce for me Your judgment, God,
         Defend my righteous part
      Against the vain, ungodly foes
         Who would corrupt my heart.
      For You, O God, have been my strength
         In generations past;
      Though I may doubt, Your presence will
         Protect mc to the last.
      Send out Your light and shining truth
         To lead the faithful home;
      May I within Your holy hill
         Delight for years to come.
      And in Your courts of joy and peace
         I will to You always
      Repay the goodness poured on me
         With songs of thanks and praise.

Words 1999, Michael Morgan
Used by permission

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