Psalm 47

Words: The Psalter for Christian Worship, Michael Morgan

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attributed to John Hughes, 1907
A Psalm of Praise
      Clap your hands, O faithful people!
         Shout to God a song of praise!
      From the dust of conquered nations,
         God a realm of grace shall raise.
      In appointed courts of glory
         Faithful to God's name always,
         May we prosper all our days.
      With a shout, and blast of trumpet,
         God shall mount a throne on high;
      Let our praise, as finest incense,
         Rise to meet God in the sky.
      Fill the world with glad rejoicing,
         Heav'n shall sing, and earth reply,
         All God's works to glorify.
      Let your hearts be filled with gladness,
         As the LORD your life shall bless;
      Live as heirs of God's great justice,
         Wear the cloak of righteousness.
      God will grant us earth's dominion,
         All things good, and nothing less,
         For our gift of faithfulness.

Words 1999, Michael Morgan
Used by permission

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