Psalm 7

Words: The Psalter for Christian Worship, Michael Morgan

Music:  CM 

Unable to initialize a MIDI player for your browser     "St. Agnes"  John Bacchus Dykes, 1866
A Prayer for Deliverance
      O LORD, my God, my refuge sure,
         In Thee my hope is laid;
      Before the looming veil of death,
         My soul is unafraid.
      Though failures of my life abound,
         Thy mercy shall preserve;
      And Thy redemptive gift of grace
         Is more than I deserve.
      Arise, O LORD, and in Thy wrath
         Mete justice swift and smart;
      Weigh righteousness against deceit,
         And spare the pure in heart.
      For Thou art yet the sword and shield
         Before whom foes shall bend;
      And those whom faith redeems shall sing
         Thy praises without end.

Words 1999, Michael Morgan
Used by permission

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