Psalm 101

Words: The Book of Psalms for Singing

7's Note: metre is 7,6,7,6 D.
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 1  Of mercy and of justice,
       O Lord, I'll sing to Thee.
    In uprightness and wisdom
       Shall my behavior be.
    O when in loving kindness
       Wilt Thou to me come near?
    I'll walk within my dwelling
       With heart and life sincere.

 2  I will permit no base thing
       Before my eyes to be.
    I hate unfaithful doing;
       It shall not cleave to me.
    The man whose heart is froward 
       Shall from my presence go;
    And nothing that is evil
       Will I consent to know.

 3  I'll cut him off that slanders
       His neighbor secretly;
    I'll not endure the proud heart
      Nor eyes that haughty be.
    My eyes are with the faithful
       That he may dwell with me;
    The man whose walk is upright
       My minister shall be.

 4  No man of works deceitful
       Within my house shall dwell;
    Nor in my sight shall tarry
       A man who lies will tell.
    Each morning with destruction
       The wicked I'll reward,
    To free from evil doers
       The city of the Lord.  

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