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(7,6,7,6 d)
John Bacchus Dykes, 1872
(7676 d)
(also good as CMD)
Gesangbuch der H. W. k. Hofkapelle,  Wurtemberg, Germany, 1784; adaptation and harmony by William Henry Monk, 1868
(7,6,7,6 d)
Henry Thomas Smart, 1835
(7,6,7,6 d)
Welsh melody; from D. Evans' Hymnau a Thonau, 1865
St. Theodulph
(also useful for CMD)
Melchior Teschner, 1615
(7,6,7,6 d)
Berthold Tours, 1872

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Vigilate William H. Monk, 1868

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Nuremburg Johann Rudolf Ahle, 1664

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Ajalon (Petra) Richard Redhead, c1853
Dix Conrad Kocher, 1838
England's Lane Traditional English tune 
Lux Prima  Charles Gounod, 1818-1893
Morning William H. Monk
Ratisbon Johann Gottlob Werner 1815
Toplady Thomas Hastings, 1830

topofpage.gif (933 bytes) D
Guide M M Wells, 1858
Sabbath Lowell Mason, 1824
Spanish Hymn (Madrid)
(Note: this is also often used in D metre)
Traditional Spanish tune, arr. David Evans
Vail J.M.Evans, arr HHP Main, 1868
NEW Watchman Lowell Mason, 1830

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