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Brocklesbury Charlotte A. Barnard, 1868

Cross of Jesus

Sir John Stainer, 1887.
Merton William Henry Monk (1823-1889)
Shipston Traditional English
Suttgart Witt's Psalmodia Sacra, 1715
Galilee William Herbert Jude, 1874

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Face to Face Grant Colfax Tullar, 1898
Hallejulia to Jesus Howard E. Smith

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Lauda Anima   John Goss, 1869
Sicilian Mariners Tattersall's Psalmody, 1794

Cym Rhondda

attributed to John Hughes, 1907

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Abbots Leigh C.V. Taylor,
Autumn François Hippolyte Barthélémon, 1785
Beach Spring  B. F. White, 1844
Beecher John Zundel, 1870
Close to Thee Silas Jones Vail, 1874
Ebenezer Welsh tune, by T.J. Williams, 1890. Also known as "Toy y Botel"
Ellesdie Attributed to Mozart (1756-1791); arranged by Hubert Platt Main, 1872
Ewing Alexander Ewing, 1853
Erie Charles Crozat Converse, 1868 (named after the town of Erie, Pennsylvania).
Far and Near J.B.O. Clemm
Gloaming Old ballad melody
Holy Manna William Moore, 1825
Hyfrydol Rowland Huw Prichard, 1830.
I Will Praise Him Mrs. M. J. Harris
Lower Lights Philip P. Bliss, 1871
Lux Eoi  
Sanctuary John Bacchus Dykes, 1871

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