Psalm 7

Words: Brady and Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David

Common Metre Tunes

   1  O Lord my God, since I have placed
         my trust alone in thee,
      From all my persecutors' rage
         do thou deliver me.

   2  To save me from my threat'ning foe,
         Lord, interpose thy pow'r;
      Lest, like a savage lion, he
         my helpless soul devour.

 3,4  If I am guilty, or did e'er
         against his peace combine;
      Nay, if I have not spared his life,
         who sought unjustly mine

  5   Let then to persecuting foes
         my soul become a prey;
      Let them to earth tread down my life,
         in dust my honor lay.

   6  Arise, and let thine anger, Lord,
         in my defense engage;
      Exalt thyself above my foes
         and their insulting rage.

      Awake, awake, in my behalf,
         the judgment to dispense,
      Which thou hast righteously ordained
         for injured innocence.

   7  So to thy throne adoring crowds
         shall still for justice fly;
      O! therefore for their sakes resume
         thy judgment-seat on high.

   8  Impartial Judge of all the world,
         I trust my cause to thee;
      According to my just deserts,
         so let thy sentence be.

   9  Let wicked arts and wicked men
         together be o'erthrown;
      But guard the just, thou God, to whom
         the hearts of both are known.

10,11 God me protects, nor only me,
         but all of upright heart;
      And daily lays up wrath for those
         who from his laws depart.

  12  If they persist, he whets his sword,
         his bow stands ready bent;
  13  E'en now, with swift destruction winged, 
         his pointed shafts are sent.

  14  The plots are fruitless which my foe
         unjustly did conceive;
  15  The pit he digged for me has proved
         his own untimely grave.

  16  On his own head his spite returns,
         whilst I from harm am free;
      On him the violence is fall'n
         which he designed for me.

  17  Therefore will I the righteous ways
         of Providence proclaim;
      I'll sing the praise of God most high,
         and celebrate his Name.

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