Psalm 9

Words: Brady and Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David

Common Metre Tunes

  1  To celebrate thy praise, O Lord,
        I will my heart prepare;
     To all the list'ning world thy works,
        thy wondrous works, declare.

  2  The thought of them shall to my soul
        exalted pleasure bring;
     Whilst to thy Name, O thou most High,
         triumphant praise I sing.

  3  Thou mad'st my haughty foes to turn
        their backs in shameful flight;
     Struck with thy presence, down they fell,
        they perished at thy sight.

  4  Against insulting foes advanced,
        thou didst my cause maintain;
     My right asserting from thy throne,
        where truth and justice reign.

  5  The insolence of heathen pride
        thou hast reduced to shame;
     Their wicked offspring quite destroyed,
        and blotted out their name.

  6  Mistaken foes! your haughty threats
        are to a period come;
     Our city stands, which you designed
        to make our common tomb.

7,8  The Lord for ever lives, who has
        his righteous throne prepared,
     Impartial justice to dispense;
        to punish or reward.

  9  God is a constant sure defense
        against oppressing rage;
     As troubles rise, his needful aids
        in our behalf engage.

 10  All those who have his goodness proved
        will in his truth confide;
     Whose mercy ne'er forsook the man
        that on his help relied.

 11  Sing praises, therefore, to the Lord,
        from Zion, his abode;
     Proclaim his deeds, till all the world
        confess no other God.

     The Second Part.

 12  When he inquiry makes for blood,
        he calls the poor to mind;
     The injured humble man's complaint
        relief from him shall find,

 13  Take pity on my troubles, Lord,
        Which spiteful foes create,
     Thou, that hast rescued me so oft
        from death's devouring gate.

 14  In Zion then I'll sing thy praise,
        to all that love thy name;
     And with loud shouts of grateful joy
        thy saving pow'r proclaim,

 15  Deep in the pit they digged for me
        the heathen pride is laid;
     Their guilty feet to their own snare
        insensibly betrayed.

 16  Thus, by the just returns he makes,
        the mighty Lord is known;
     While wicked men by their own plots
        are shamefully o'erthrown.

 17  No single sinner shall escape
        by privacy obscured;
     Nor nation from his just revenge
        by numbers be secured.

 18  His suff'ring saints, when most distressed,
        he ne'er forgets to aid;
     their expectation shall be crowned,
        though for a time delayed.

 19  Arise, O Lord, assert thy pow'r,
        and let not man o'ercome;
     Descend to judgment, and pronounce
        the guilty heathen's doom.

 20  Strike terror through the nations round, 
        till, by consenting fear
     They to each other, and themselves,
        but mortal men appear.

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