Psalm 100

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


1,2 With one consent let all the earth 
        to God their cheerful voices raise;
    Glad homage pay with awful mirth
        and sing before him songs of praise. 

 3  Convinced that he is God alone,
        from whom both we and all proceed;
    We, whom he chooses for his own,
        the flock that he vouchsafes to feed. 

 4  O enter then his temple gate,
        thence to his courts devoutly press,
    And still your grateful hymns repeat,
        and still his Name with praises bless. 

 5  For he's the Lord, supremely good,
        his mercy is for ever sure:
    His truth, which always firmly stood,
        to endless ages shall endure.

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