Psalm 101

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


 1  Of mercy's never-failing spring,
       and steadfast judgement I will sing;
    And since they both to thee belong,
       to thee, O Lord, address my song.

 2  When, Lord, thou shalt with me reside,
       wise discipline my reign shall guide.
    With blameless life myself I'll make
       a pattern for my court to take.

 3  No ill design will I pursue,
       nor those my fav'rites make that do.
 4  Who to reproof bears no regard,
       him will I totally discard.

 5  The private slanderer shall be
       in public justice doomed by me.
    From haughty looks I'll turn aside,
       and mortify the heart of pride.

 6  But honesty, called from her cell,
       in splendor at my court shall dwell,
    Who virtue's practice make their care,
       shall have the first preferments there.

 7  No politics shall recommend
       his country's foe to be my friend:
    None e'er shall to my favor rise
       by flatt'ring or malicious lies.

 8  All those who wicked courses take
       an early sacrifice I'll make;
    Cur off, destroy, till none remain
       God's holy city to profane.  

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