Psalm 103

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


  1,2  My soul, inspired with sacred love, 
       God's holy Name for ever bless;
       Of all his favors mindful prove, 
       and still thy grateful thanks express.

  3,4  'Tis he that all thy sins forgives,
       and after sickness makes thee sound;
       From danger he thy life retrieves,
       By him with grace and mercy crowned.

  5,6  He with good things thy mouth supplies;
       thy vigor, eagle-like, renews:
       He, when the guiltless suff'rer cries,
       his foe with just revenge pursues.

    7  God made of old his righteous ways
       to Moses and our fathers known;
       His works, to his eternal praise,
       were to the sons of Jacob shown.

    8  The Lord abounds with tender love,
       and unexampled acts of grace;
       His wakened wrath does slowly move,
       his willing mercy flows apace.

 9,10  God will not always harshly chide,
       but with his anger quickly part;
       And loves his punishments to guide
       more by his love than our desert.

   11  As high as heav'n its arch extends
       above this little spot of clay,
       So much his boundless love transcends
       the small respects that we can pay.

12,13  As far as 'tis from east to west,
       so far has he our sins removed,
       Who with a father's tender breast
       has such as fear him always loved.

14,15  For God, who all our frame surveys, 
       considers that we are but clay;
       How fresh soe'er we seem, our days
       like grass or flowers must fade away.

16,17  Whilst they are nipped with sudden blasts, 
       nor can we find their former place;
       God s faithful mercy ever lasts
       to those that fear him, and their race.

   18  This shall attend on such as still
       proceed in his appointed way;
       And who not only know his will,
       but to it just obedience pay,

19,20  The Lord, the universal King,
       in heav'n has fixed his lofty throne;,
       To him, ye angels, praises sing,
       in whose great strength his pow'r is shown

       Ye that his just commands obey,
       and hear and do his sacred will,
   21  Ye hosts of his, this tribute pay,
       who still what he ordains fulfil.

   22  Let ev'ry creature jointly bless
       the mighty Lord: and thou, my heart,
       With grateful joy thy thanks express,
       and in this concert bear thy part.

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