Psalm 105

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


  1  O render thanks, and bless the Lord; 
        invoke his sacred Name;
     Acquaint the nations with his deeds, 
        his matchless deeds proclaim.

  2  Sing to his praise, in lofty hymns
        his wondrous works rehearse;
     Make them the theme of your discourse,
        and subject of your verse.

  3  Rejoice in his Almighty Name,
        alone to be adored;
     And let their heart o'erflow with joy
        that humbly seek the Lord.

  4  Seek ye the Lord, his saving strength
        devoutly still implore;
     And, where he's ever present, seek
        his face for evermore.

  5  The wonders that his hands have wrought 
        keep thankfully in mind;
     The righteous statutes of his mouth,
        and laws to us assigned.

  6  Know ye, his servant Abr'am's seed,
        and Jacob's chosen race;
  7  He's still our God, his judgments still
        throughout the earth take place.

  8  His cov'nant he hath kept in mind
        for num'rous ages past;
     Which yet for thousand ages more
        in equal force shall last.

  9  First signed to Abr'am, next by oath
        to Isaac made secure;
 10  To Jacob and his heirs a law
        for ever to endure.

 11  That Canaan's land should be their lot, 
        when yet but few they were;
 12  But few in number, and those few
        all friendless strangers there.

 13  In pilgrimage from realm to realm
        securely they removed;
 14  Whilst proudest monarchs for their sakes 
        severely he reproved.

 15  "These mine anointed are, (Said he,)
        let none my servants wrong;"
     "Nor treat the poorest prophet ill,
        that does to me belong."

 16  A dearth at last, by his command,
        did through the land prevail;
     Till corn, the chief support of life,
        sustaining corn did fail.

 17  But his indulgent providence
        had pious Joseph sent,
     Sold into Egypt, but their death
        who sold him to prevent.

 18  His feet with heavy chains were crushed, 
        with calumny his fame;
 19  Till God's appointed time and word
        to his deliv'rance came.

 20  The king his sov'reign orders sent,
        and rescued him with speed;
     Whom private malice had confined,
        the people's ruler freed.

 21  His court, revenues, realm, were all
        subjected to his will;
 22  His greatest princes to control,
        and teach his statesmen skill,

     The Second Part.

 23  To Egypt then, invited guests,
        half-famished Israel came;
     And Jacob held, by royal grant,
        the fertile soil of Ham.

 24  Th' Almighty there with such increasd
        his people multiplied,
     Till with their proud oppressors they
        in strength and number vied.

 25  Their vast increase th' Egyptians' hearts 
        with jealous anger fired,
     Till they his servants to destroy
        by treach'rous arts conspired.

 26  His servant Moses then he sent,
        his chosen Aaron too;
 27  Empow'red with signs and miracles
        to prove their mission true.

 28  He called for darkness, darkness came; 
        nature his summons knew;
 29  Each stream and lake, transformed to blood, 
        the wand'ring fishes slew.

 30  In putrid floods, throughout the land, 
        the pest of frogs was bred;
     From noisome fens sent up to croak
        at Pharaoh's board and bed.

 31  He gave the sign, and swarms of flies 
        came down in cloudy hosts,
     Whilst earth's enlivened dust below
        bred lice through all their coasts.

 32  He sent them batt'ring hail for rain, 
        and fire for cooling dew;
 33  He smote their vines and forest plants, 
        and garden's pride o'erthrew.

 34  He spake the word, and locusts came, 
        with caterpillars joined;
     They preyed upon the poor remains
        the storm had left behind.

 35  From trees to herbage they descend,
        no verdant thing they spare;
     But, like the naked fallow field,
        leave all the pastures bare.

 36  From fields to villages and towns
        commissioned vengeance flew;
     One fatal stroke their eldest hopes
        and strength of Egypt slew.

 37  He brought his servants forth, enriched 
        with Egypt's borrowed wealth;
     And, what transcends all treasures else,
        enriched with vig'rous health.

 38  Egypt rejoiced, in hopes to find
        her plagues with them removed;
     Taught dearly now to fear worse ills
        by those already proved.

 39  Their shrouding canopy by day
        a journeying cloud was spread;
     A fiery pillar all the night
        the desert marches led.

 40  They longed for flesh; with ev'ning quails 
        he furnished ev'ry tent;
     From heav'n's own granary, each morn, 
        the bread of angels sent.

 41  He smote the rock, whose flinty breast 
        poured forth a gushing tide;
     Whose flowing streams, where'er they marched, 
        the desert's drought supplied.

 42  For still he did on Abr'am's faith
        an ancient league reflect;
 43  He brought his people forth with joy, 
        with triumph his elect.

 44  Quite rooting out their heathen foes
        from Canaan's fertile soil,
     To them in cheap possession gave
        the knit of others' toil.

 45  That they his statutes might observe,
        his sacred laws obey;
     For benefits so vast let us
        our songs of praise repay.

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