Psalm 106

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


    1  O Render thanks to God above,
       the fountain of eternal love;
       Whose mercy firm through ages past 
       has stood, and shall for ever last.

    2  Who can his mighty deeds express,
       not only vast but numberless
       What mortal eloquence can raise
       his tribute of immortal praise

    3  Happy are they, and only they,
       who from thy judgments never stray:
       Who know what's right, nor only so,
       but always practice what they know.

    4  Extend to me that favor, Lord,
       thou to thy chosen dost afford:
       When thou return'st to set them free,
       let thy salvation visit me.

    5  O may I worthy prove to see
       thy saints in full prosperity;
       That I the joyful choir may join,
       and count thy people's triumph mine.

    6  But ah! can we expect such grace,
       of parents vile the viler race;
       Who their misdeeds have acted o'er,
       And with new crimes increased the score?

    7  Ungrateful, they no longer thought
       on all his works in Egypt wrought;
       The Red sea they no sooner viewed
       but they their base distrust renewed.

    8  Yet he, to vindicate his Name,
       once more to their deliv'rance came,
       To make his sov'reign pow'r be known,
       that he is God, and he alone.

    9  To right and left, at his command,
       the parting deep di'sclos'd her sand;
       Where firm and dry the passage lay,
       As through some parched and desert way.

   10  Thus rescued from their foes they were, 
       who closely pressed upon their rear;
   11  Whose rage pursued them to those waves, 
       that proved the rash pursuers' graves.

   12  The wat'ry mountain's sudden fall 
       o'erwhelmed proud Pharaoh, host and all;
       This proof did stupid Israel move
       to own God's truth, and praise his love.

       The Second Part.

   13  But soon these wonders they forgot,
       and for his counsel waited not;
   14  But, lusting in the wilderness,
       did him with fresh temptations press.

   15  Strong food at their request he sent,
       but made their sin their punishment;
   16  Yet still his saints they did oppose,
       the priest and prophet whom he chose.

   17  But earth, the quarrel to decide,
       her vengeful jaws extending wide,
       Rash Dathan to her center drew,
       with proud Abiram's factious crew.

   18  The rest of those who did conspire
       to kindle wild sedition's fire,
       With all their impious train, became
       a prey to heav'n's devouring flame.

   19  Near Horeb's mount a calf they made,
       and to the molten image prayed;
   20  Adoring what their hands did frame,
       they changed their glory to their shame,

   21  Their God and Saviour they forgot,
       and all his works in Egypt wrought;
   22  His signs in Ham's astonished coast, 
       and where proud Pharaoh's troops were lost.

   23  Thus urged, his vengeful hand he reared, 
       but Moses in the breach appeared ;
       The saint did for the rebels pray,
       and turned heav'n's kindled wrath away.

   24  Yet they his pleasant land despised, 
       nor his repeated promise prized;
   25  Nor did th' Almighty's voice obey, 
       but when God said, Go up, would stay.

26,27  This sealed their doom without redress, 
       to perish in the wilderness;
       Or else to be by heathen hands
       o'erthrown, and scattered thro' the lands.

       The Third Part.
   28  Yet, unreclaimed, this stubborn race
       Baal-peor's worship did embrace;
       Became his impious guests, and fed
       on sacrifices to the dead.

   29  Thus they persisted to provoke
       God's vengeance to the final stroke;
       'Tis come ;--the deadly pest is come,
       to execute their gen'ral doom.

   30  But Phinehas, fired with holy rage,
       (th' Almighty vengeance to asswage,)
       Did, by two bold offenders' fall,
       th' atonement make that ransomed all.

   31  As him a heav'nly zeal had moved,
       so Heav'n thc zealous act approved;
       To him confirming, and his race,
       the priesthood he so well did grace.

   32  At Miribah God's wrath they moved,
       who Moses for their sakes reproved;
   33  Whose patient soul they did provoke,
       till rashly the meek prophet spoke.

   34  Nor, when possessed of Canaan's land, 
       did they perform their Lord's command;
       Nor his commissioned sword employ
       the guilty nations to destroy.

   35  Nor only spared the Pagan crew,
       but, mingling, learnt their vices too,
   36  And worship to those idols paid,
       which them to fatal snares betrayed.

37,38  To devils they did sacrifice
       their children with relentless eyes;
       Approached their altars through a flood
       of their own sons' and daughters' blood.

       No cheaper victims would appease
       Canaan's remorseless deities;
       No blood her idols reconcile,
       but that which did the land defile.

       The Fourth Part.

   39  Nor did these savage cruelties
       the hardened reprobates suffice;
       For after their hearts' lust they went,
       and daily did new crimes invent:

   40  But sins of such infernal hue
       God's wrath against his people drew,
       Till he, their once indulgent Lord,
       his own inheritance abhorred.

   41  He then, defenseless, did expose
       to their insulting heathen foes;
       And made them on the triumphs wait
       of those who bore them greatest hate.

   42  Nor thus his indignation ceased:
       their list of tyrants he increased,
       Till they, who God's mild sway declined,
       were made the vassals of mankind.

   43  Yet when distressed they did repent,
       his anger did as oft relent;
       But freed, they did his wrath provoke,
       renewed their sins, and he their yoke.

   44  Nor yet implacable he proved,
       nor heard their wretched cries unmoved;
   45  But did to mind his promise bring,
       and mercy's unexhausted spring.

   46  Compassion too he did impart
       e'en to their foes' obdurate heart,
       And pity for their suff'rings bred
       in those, who them to bondage led.

   47  Still save us, Lord, and Israel's bands 
       together bring from heathen lands,
       So to thy Name our thanks we'll raise,
       and ever triumph in thy praise.

   48  Let Israel's God be ever blessed,
       his name eternally confessed:
       Let all his saints, with full accord,
       Sing loud Amens -- Praise ye the Lord.

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