Psalm 108

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


 1  O God, my heart is fully bent
       to magnify thy Name;
    My tongue with cheerful songs of praise
        shall celebrate thy fame. 

 2  Awake, my lute, nor thou, my harp
       Thy warbling notes delay
    Whilst I with early hymns of joy
       present the dawning day. 

 3  To all the list'ning tribes, O Lord,
       thy wonders I will tell;
    And to those nations sing thy praise,
       that round about us dwell. 

 4  Because thy mercy's boundless height
       the highest heav'n transcends,
    And far beyond th' aspiring clouds
       thy faithful truth extends. 

 5  Be thou, O God, exalted high
       above the starry frame;
    And let the earth, with one consent,
       confess thy glorious Name. 

 6  That all thy chosen people thee
       their Savior may declare:
    Let thy right hand protect me still,
       and answer thou my pray'r. 

 7  Since God himself has said the word,
       whose promise cannot fail
    With joy I Shechem shall divide,
       and measure Succoth's vale. 

 8  Gilead is mine, Manasseh too,
       and Ephriam owns my cause:
    Their strength my regal pow'r supports,
       and Judah gives my laws. 

 9  Moab I'll make my servile drunge,
       on vanquished Edom tread;
    And through the proud Philistine lands
       my conqu'ring banners spread. 

10  By whose support and aid shall I
       their well-fenced city gain?
    Who will my troops securely lead
       through Edom's guarded plain? 

11  Lord, wilt not thou assist our arms,
       which late thou didst forsake?
    And wilt not thou of these our hosts
       once more the guidance take? 

12  O, to thy servants in distress
       thy speedy succor send;
    For vain it is on human aid
       for safety to depend. 

13  then valiant acts shall we perform,
       if thou thy pow'r disclose;
    For God it is, and God alone,
       that treads down all our foes.

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