Psalm 11

Words: Brady and Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David

Common Metre Tunes

  1  Since I have placed my trust in God,
        a refuge always nigh,
     Why should I, like a tim'rous bird,
        to distant mountains fly ?

  2  Behold, the wicked bend their bow,
        and ready fix their dart;
     Lurking in ambush to destroy
        the man of uptight heart.

  3  When once the firm assurance fails
        which public faith imparts,
     'Tis time for innocence to fly
        from such deceitful arts.

  4  The Lord hath both a temple here,
        and righteous throne above;
     Whence he surveys the sons of men,
        and how their counsels move.

  5  If God the righteous, whom he loves,
        for trial does correct;
     What must the sons of violence,
        whom he abhors, expect?

  6  Snares, fire, and brimstone on their heads 
        shall in one tempest show'r;
     This dreadful mixture his revenge
        into their cup shall pour.

  7  The righteous Lord will righteous deeds 
        With signal favor grace;
     And to the upright man disclose
        the brightness of his face.

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