Psalm 110

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David

L.M. (88 88 88)

 1  The Lord unto my Lord thus spake:
    "Till I thy foes thy footstool make,
        "Sit thou in state at my right hand:
 2  "Supreme in Zion thou shalt be,
    "and all thy proud opposers see
        "Subjected to thy just command."

 3  "Thee, in thy pow'r's triumphant day,
    "The willing nations shall obey:
       "And, when thy rising beams they view,
    "Shall all (redeemed from error's night)
    "Appear as numberless and bright
       "As crystal drops of morning dew."

 4  The Lord hath sworn, nor sworn in vain,
    that, like Melchisedech's, thy reign
       And priesthood shall no period know:
 5  No proud competitor to sit
    at they right hand will he permit,
       But in his wrath crowned heads o'erthrow.

 6  The sentenced heathen he shall slay,
    and fill with carcasses his way,
       Till he hath struck earth's tyrants dead:
 7  But in the high-way brooks shall first,
    like a poor pilgrim, slake his thirst;
       And then in triumph raise his head.

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