Psalm 111

Words: Brady and  Tate, A New Version of the Psalms of David


 1  Praise ye the Lord; our God to praise
    my soul her utmost pow'r shall raise,
    With private friends, and in the throng
    of saints his praise shall be my song.

 2  His works for greatness though renowned,
    his wondrous works with ease are found
    By those who seek for them aright,
    and in the pious search delight.

 3  His works are all of matchless fame,
    and universal glory claim;
    His truth, confirmed through ages past,
    shall to eternal ages last.

 4  By precept he has us enjoined
    to keep his wondrous works in mind;
    And to posterity record,
    that good and gracious is our Lord.

 5  His bounty, like a flowing tide,
    has all his servants' wants supplied;
    And he will ever keep in mind
    his cov'nant with our fathers signed.

 6  At once astonished and o'erjoyed,
    they saw his matchless pow'r employed;
    Whereby the heathen were suppressed,
    and we their heritage possessed.

 7  Just are the dealings of his hands,
    immutable are his commands;
 8  By truth and equity sustained,
    and for eternal rules ordained.

 9  He set his saints from bondage free,
    and then established his decree,
    For ever to remain the same;
    holy and rev'rend is his Name.

10  Who wisdom's sacred prize would win,
    must with the fear of God begin;
    Immortal praise and heavenly skill
    have they, who know and do his will.

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